Hi there,

My name is Jennifer and I’d like to welcome you to Virtual In Purple. I am an English native, living in The Netherlands for over 18 years.

Virtual in Purple is the realisation of a personal goal; to branch out and work for myself, on my own terms. I’ve spent many years assisting businesses with their day-to-day admin. I have had success in a variety of roles, including secretarial, PA, customer service and legal assistant positions. Years of hard work and dedication have taught me that my skillset is broad and I know the kind of value I can bring to any company that I work for. I am a proficient planner and organiser with an exceptional eye for detail. I love helping and supporting people, helping to make their (working) lives easier.

However, I came to realise that the work I was doing was simply not as fulfilling as I needed it to be. I was losing the love of what I do, and I wanted to change that. Having a family, and other commitments, brought me to realise that I needed to do a little more for myself. Although I still wanted to develop and continue to build upon the skill set that I had, I wanted to do so in a way that made more sense for me and would bring me greater satisfaction. Most people work really hard for their money; I certainly did and I will continue to do so. It’s just that now I want to choose to commit what hours I want to work, and when. And so, Virtual in Purple was born.