Virtual Assistant

Why virtual?

I am Jennifer Leslie your Virtual Assistant. What does that mean? Well, I’ll be there to help you with a range of administrative tasks, from research to customer services, from event planning to help to start up your business, etc. I’ll support you remotely, and you’ll only need to pay for the hours you need and nothing more. Simple and effective. I have many years of experience and that makes me a professional and also confidential.

I will provide you these virtual services:

Customer Service & Support
Research Services
Market Research
Project Management
Event Management
Lead Generation
Social Media Management
WordPress Updates
Temporary/maternity cover (on-site support can be requested)
and much more…
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 Why the Phoenix?  

The Phoenix, a bird from Greek mythology, is a well-known metaphor for a rebirth, for regeneration. Virtual in Purple is the embodiment of my own regeneration, my own way of starting again and improving my circumstances. I also think that the message of improvement is something that Virtual In Purple will help me bring to you and your business, an improved way of doing things. Sign up for my virtual assistant VIP service at an appropriate and affordable price.

virtual assistant



Why Purple?

This part is the easiest to explain. It is my favorite color. I wear it so often that even former colleagues and friends have told me that they associate the color with me, and now you can too.

virtual in purple

I am here at your service So if you need some assistance with keeping your customers happy, keeping your admin up to date or whatever it may be. Just get in touch with me.